Sarah Culbreth

Sarah Culbreth

Sarah Culbreth

Berea, Ky.

Professional Artist

Product Development

​For twenty-six years Sarah Culbreth, a graduate of Berea College, and her husband Jeff Enge have owned and operated their successful studio, Tater Knob Pottery, located on a 30-acre farm outside of Berea where they craft fine stoneware, particularly dinnerware. Sarah has worked in clay for more than thirty-three years, and she and Jeff have grown from selling their work in the College's craft shop to a place of their own, which they have successfully made into a tourist destination. They have a staff of four with additional part-time summer and winter employees. In 1971, as a Berea College student, Sarah fell in love with throwing pots while attending a workshop by master potter Michael Cardew hosted by the American Craft Council. Her life training up to that point had been in music, and she was a music major. After attending the pottery workshop, Sarah pursued a position of student employment with the Ceramics Apprenticeship program at the college and from there her love of throwing pots took flight. She graduated from Berea College and has pursued the life of a potter just because she loves it. She says that there is nothing better than feeling clay slip through your fingers and creating a beautiful piece of pottery, and she can’t wait to get in the studio each day. Her areas of consulting include product evaluation and development as well as business planning.

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