Mark Needham

Mark Needham

Mark Needham

Louisville, Ky.

Professional Artist and Consultant

Marketing and Promotion for Organizations, Marketing and Promotion for Artists, Product Development

Mark Needham holds an honors degree in architecture and has practiced with a firm and as an individual. While in college, his second concentration was in art with a focus on printmaking and communication design. Also a lifelong lover of photography, he had his first camera at age 8, was developing film at 14 and had a complete darkroom at 16.

After working part-time as a freelance photographer and graphic designer while practicing architecture, in 1980 he and his wife, Nancy, founded the creative services firm GOOD IDEA!, which now offers offering advertising, graphic design, photography, website design and event production.

In the ensuing 35 years they provided communication services and design services for large and small corporations, individuals and government agencies. Notable projects include creating media campaigns, events and promotion for the Mayor's Office hosting the first Breeders' Cup in Louisville; producing the public education media campaigns, events, promotion and communications for Louisville’s garbage collection, recycling, electronic recycling, composting, junk collection, business paper collection and community engagement programs for more than 20 years; and producing events, graphics, public relations and media campaigns for major citywide festivals including CityFair, Beyond Burgoo, HeartStrings and the Louisville Fountain Inaugural.

Prompted by feedback from admirers of jewelry he made for his wife, Mark has been designing and making jewelry for sale at galleries, museums and art fairs around the country for more than 10 years.

Mark served on the board of directors of the Louisville Graphic Design Association as president and secretary and on the board of the Louisville Advertising Club as internal magazine designer.

Published locally, nationally and internationally, His work has been exhibited at multiple museums and has received more than 40 awards for design excellence.

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