Sharon Haines

Sharon Haines

Sharon  Haines

Park City, Ky.

Professional Artist

Business and Finance for Artists, Marketing and Promotion for Artists, Product Development

​Sharon lives with her husband on a 225-acre farm, where she raises flowers, herbs and vegetables and her husband raises cattle. Born and raised in  Michigan, Sharon is a former art teacher who works with natural, dried and preserved botanicals creating beautifully designed arrangements, wreaths, swags  and other creations. Her love of gardening and the abundance of the harvest helped her decide to concentrate on designing in this area. Sharon started  serious crafting in 1984 when a county extension agent asked her to lead a wreath-making workshop with natural materials and cornhusk flowers. Since that time, Sharon has become a one-woman show with the help of her husband. Together, they raise over an acre of gardens, starting with seeds and her own plants, right up to harvesting and drying. “I do it all,” she says. She can assist artists with product evaluation and development and business planning.

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