Mark Whitley

Professional Artist

Business and Finance for Artists, Marketing and Promotion for Artists, Product Development

Mark Whitley has been building things my whole life. His entire world revolves around projects in the furniture studio, music studio, and around his little farm in southern Kentucky. Mr. Whitely earned earned a Bachelor of Arts in peace studies from Chapman University in 1998. ​​In 2000, Mr. Whitley opened his shop with no knowledge of how to be a professional artist, or even that it was possible. His involvement with the Kentucky Arts Council has been critical to the sustainable life he has created for his studio and family.  

Regardless of medium, Mr. Whitley believes there is an art to making a life out of the things created with one's hands. Living commission to commission can be challenging, but he has learned how to navigate that lifestyle and through a KPAN consultancy; he can help other artists figure out how to make a living without losing their voices as an artists.  

His original furniture can be found in collections all over North America. Mr. Whitely has received numerous exhibition awards in addition to the Al Smith Fellowship and an Individual Artist Award from the Tanne Foundation. He has permanent installations at The Downing Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. 

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